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Includes all parts that compose the standard system: Impelling unit, handrails, deck mounting plate, 5HP power unit, dual 30 feet long hydraulic hoses to interconnect the Impelling unit with the Power unit, Remote control to operate the system, and control the speed level of the water current.


Hose Management
The hoses that connect the impelling unit with the power unit can be configured by various methods.

  1. Different deck drain systems from 2" to 4" wide and different colors with a cost of $5.00 per foot.
  2. Rubber cover that lies flat on the deck with a cost of $5.00 per foot.
  3. Conduit system that can be buried under the deck and soil. The cost of this alternative varies depending on the specific job.

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Power Unit Cover.  $150
Waterproof cover to provide weather protection to the hydraulic Power Unit when installed outdoors.

Swim Pace Display.  $150
Very easy to read 2" high LCD remote display that shows the pace of the swimmer per 100 yards or 100 meters.

Mirror.  $80
2' x 3' stainless steel mirror that you can place on the floor of the pool to monitor your stroke technique.

Hi-Performance System.  $600
For high level swimmers, this 7.5 HP system gives you a 100-yard pace of under a minute.

50 Hz System Conversion.  $350
For countries where the electric service is 50 Hz instead of 60 Hz.

Extra dual-hose.   $5 x foot
For dual hose necessary over the 30’ provided with the standard system to complete you installation

Underwater Video System.   $300
Underwater video camera that allows you to record your swimming for future playback and analysis of your stroke technique.

SwiMP3.   $200
MP3 device that allows you to listen to music while you swim.

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